Coast of Bays & St. Albans

Bay d’Espoir is a beautiful fiord, stretching almost 70km inland, the climate is similar to that of Corner Brook, NL, and in fact the Witchazel tree (a relative of the birch) is evidence of this fact, as it grows only in Bay d’Espoir and the Corner Brook regions of the Province.

If you are traveling the central region of the province, then you will surely want to take some time to explore the beautiful Coast of Bays region.  Nestled on the gorgeous south coast of Newfoundland, the Coast of Bays will provide you with a naturally vibrant and spectacular haven full of relaxation, culture, and adventure.  The numerous small inlets and bays that define the rugged coastline of the Coast of Bays are certainly splendid and a joy to explore.

Throughout the summer months enjoy the many festivals and events that display the rich musical and cultural talents of the local community.  For those who are adventurous at heart, partake in hiking, canoeing, or kayaking in the Bay Du Nord wilderness reserve and be left breathless by the wondrous beauty of nature.  Take on mother nature on the Bay Du Nord Heritage River.  For the novice and seasoned angler alike, enjoy time on the water and experience the excitement of catching an Atlantic salmon or trout.

St. Alban’s is popular for its scenic beauty and pristine environment. Whether you are a water lover or a land lover, St. Alban’s is guaranteed to please you. For the water lover, St. Alban’s is at the headwaters of the Bay D’Espoir estuary which is approximately 40 kilometers long with many secluded beaches and serene coves where one can easily get lost in a fantasy world. The outer reaches of the estuary take on the appearance of the Scandinavian fjords where cliffs extend for hundreds of meters toward the sky, where waterfalls cascade over the escarpments and the Bald Eagle, perched on the edge of its nest, keeps watch from on high in the cliffs – a nature lover’s paradise. The estuary provides the perfect setting for water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and fishing for sea trout or the ever popular Rainbow Trout. Pitch your tent on a sandy beach and let your imagination run wild.

For the land lover, the area around St. Alban’s offers scenic hiking trails with spectacular views of the bay and communities below. On occasion, one may even meet the mighty moose which is abundant in the woods around the town. One friend you are sure to have along the way is the grey jay, always looking for a morsel of food. Birds of every description frequent the area during the summer and early autumn when Mother Nature does wonders with her paint brush.

The St. Alban’s area is a year round playground for the outdoors person.

In winter, the hiking trails become excellent snowmobile and cross country skiing trails. Some trails behind town provide a good downhill ski run of about 2.0 kilometers. A short snowshoe hike cross country ski run or snowmobile ride will bring you into the winter grazing grounds of hundreds of woodland caribou of the Grey River Herd.

Whether you are an artist, a nature lover, a physical fitness enthusiast or just want to get away from it all, St. Alban’s is the place to be. All you need to bring is YOU and remember, there are no strangers here – just friends you haven’t met YET!